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        This site provides access to complete journal issues for volumes 1-14 (1984-1997).    Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your machine to access these files.  A link to the Adobe site is provided to assist you in acquiring this software.  To navigate the journal backruns, click on the year in the table.  Links to the issues for that year will be presented.  When an issue is selected, Acrobat Reader will be invoked (you will have the choice to view the file or download it to your hard drive).  Initially, you will be presented with the Table of Contents page for quick review of the articles.  A button at the top of the page allows you to link to the full issue, which you may browse using the article and author links in the left frame of the screen, search using the "binoculars" icon in the Acrobat Reader tool bar.


        A SiteSearch database has been created to facilitate searching for individual articles by author, title, keyword, etc.   Links are provided from records for individual articles to PubMed/Medline records.  From their site, searchers can click on the "Related Articles" button to retrieve records for other articles in the Medline database that address related topics.


    Instruction for printing PDF files while in Acrobat Reader:

To print a complete issue simply use:
    File > Print -from the drop down menu

To print single articles from this issue:
    1. Click on “Table of Contents” in the bookmarks (upper left frame)
    2. This will link you to the Table of Contents in the right frame.
    3. Place your cursor over the article you wish to print (cursor should look like a hand) and click on it.
    4. This will link you to a separate file containing only that article.
    5. To get back to the full journal, click on the “<<” double arrows on the menu bar, or click the “Back”
        button if your Acrobat Reader opened within your browser window.


Molecular Biology and Evolution is published monthly by the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Allen Press, 810 East 10th Street, Lawrence, KS  66044-8897.

The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution is an international society that exists to provide facilities for association and communication among molecular evolutionists.  All individuals who are actively interested in any field of molecular evolutionary biology are eligible for active membership in the Society.


This electronic archival version of the 14 years of back issues was created by:

    Society Members:
    Simon Easteal, Editor
    Margaret Kidwell, University of Arizona Regents Professor

    Bobbie Atchison
    Joanne Martinez

    Shelley Moore
    Chris Willard
    Erika Williams


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