Table of Contents

Volume 2, Issue 2, March 1985

Estimating divergence times of Drosophila species from DNA sequence comparisonsS Easteal, JG Oakeshott87
Biochemical pathways in prokaryotes can be traced backward through evolutionary timeRA Jensen92
A comparative description of mitochondrial DNA differentiation in selected avian and other vertebrate generaLG Kessler, JC Avise109
Tempo and mode of concerted evolution in the L1 repeat family of miceSL Martin, CF Voliva, SC Hardies, MH Edgell, CA Hutchison127
Coevolution of the glucose dehydrogenase gene and the ejaculatory duct in the genus DrosophilaDR Cavener141
A new method for estimating synonymous and nonsynonymous rates of nucleotide substitution considering the relative likelihood of nucleotide and codon changesWH Li, CI Wu, CC Luo150
The effects of mispair and nonpair correction in hybrid DNA on base ratios (G + C content) and total amounts of DNABC Lamb175

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