Table of Contents

Volume 2, Issue 3, May 1985

Evolutionary change of restriction cleavage sites and phylogenetic inference for man and apesM Nei, F Tajima189
Nearly identical allelic distributions of xanthine dehydrogenase in two populations of Drosophila pseudoobscuraTP Keith, LD Brooks, RC Lewontin, JC Martinez-Cruzado, DL Rigby206
Gene regulatory divergence among species estimated by altered developmental patterns in interspecific hybridsHR Parker, DP Philipp, GS Whitt217
The adaptation of enzymes to temperature: catalytic characterization of glucosephosphate isomerase homologues isolated from Mytilus edulis and Isognomon alatus, bivalve molluscs inhabiting different thermal environmentsJG Hall251
Evolution of globin expression in the genus Xenopus (Anura: Pipidae)E Burki, M Fischberg270

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