Table of Contents

Volume 2, Issue 4, July 1985

Evolution of crystallins: expression of lens-specific proteins in the blind mammals mole (Talpa europaea) and mole rat (Spalax ehrenbergi)Y Quax-Jeuken, S Bruisten, H Bloemendal, WW de Jong, E Nevo279
Evolution of influenza virus genesH Hayashida, H Toh, R Kikuno, T Miyata289
Evolution of the mouse beta-globin genes: a recent gene conversion in the Hbbs haplotypeMA Erhart, KS Simons, S Weaver304
Biochemical differentiation in bile duct cestodes and their marsupial hostsPR Baverstock, M Adams, I Beveridge321
Homogenization of geographical variants at the nontranscribed spacer of rDNA in Drosophila mercatorumSM Williams, R DeSalle, C Strobeck338
The rate of molecular evolution of alpha-fetoprotein approaches that of pseudogenesPP Minghetti, SW Law, A Dugaiczyk347

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