Table of Contents

Volume 2, Issue 6, November 1985

Reverse transcription in the eukaryotic genome: retroviruses, pararetroviruses, retrotransposons, and retrotranscriptsHM Temin455
Sequence of the ebgA gene of Escherichia coli: comparison with the lacZ geneHW Stokes, PW Betts, BG Hall469
Sequence of the ebgR gene of Escherichia coli: evidence that the EBG and LAC operons are descended from a common ancestorHW Stokes, BG Hall478
alpha-Crystallin A sequences of Alligator mississippiensis and the lizard Tupinambis teguixin: molecular evolution and reptilian phylogenyWW de Jong, A Zweers, M Versteeg, HC Dessauer, M Goodman484
Cross-hybridizing snake satellite, Drosophila, and mouse DNA sequences may have arisen independentlyG Levinson, JL Marsh, JT Epplen, GA Gutman494
Concerted evolution of the cow epsilon 2 and epsilon 4 beta-globin genesJC Schimenti, CH Duncan505
Structure and organization of the bovine beta-globin genesJC Schimenti, CH Duncan514
Significance of nucleotide sequence alignments: a method for random sequence permutation that preserves dinucleotide and codon usageSF Altschul, BW Erickson526
Statistical methods of DNA sequence analysis: detection of intragenic recombination or gene conversionJC Stephens539
Dehalogenase genes of Pseudomonas putida PP3 on chromosomally located transposable elementsJH Slater, AJ Weightman, BG Hall557
MBE reviewer index569
MBE author-subject index571

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