Table of Contents

Volume 3, Issue 1, January 1986

A comparison of the small ribosomal RNA genes from the mitochondrial DNA of the great apes and humans: sequence, structure, evolution, and phylogenetic implicationsJE Hixson, WM Brown1
Conservation of a long open reading frame in two Neurospora mitochondrial plasmidsFE Nargang19
The heterochromatin of grasshoppers from the Caledia captiva species complex. I. Sequence evolution and conservation in a highly repeated DNA familyML Arnold, R Appels, DD Shaw29
Evolutionary history of the hybridogenetic hybrid frog Rana esculenta as deduced from mtDNA analysesC Spolsky, T Uzzell44
Polymorphism and evolution of influenza A virus genesN Saitou, M Nei57
Molecular evolution of bacteriophages: evidence of selection against the recognition sites of host restriction enzymesPM Sharp75
Charge changes in protein evolutionEW Peetz, G Thomson, PW Hedrick84
Book reviewJ Adams95
Books received97

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