Table of Contents

Volume 3, Issue 3, May 1986

Long interspersed L1 repeats in rabbit DNA are homologous to L1 repeats of rodents and primates in an open-reading-frame regionGW Demers, K Brech, RC Hardison179
Nucleotide sequence of the genes for tryptophan synthase in Pseudomonas aeruginosaA Hadero, IP Crawford191
Temporal scaling of molecular evolution in primates and other mammalsPD Gingerich205
Mammalian phylogeny: comparison of morphological and molecular resultsJ Shoshani222
Assignment of orthologous relationships among mammalian alpha-globin genes by examining flanking regions reveals a rapid rate of evolutionRC Hardison, RE Gelinas243
Molecular evolution of pancreatic-type ribonucleasesJJ Beintema, WM Fitch, A Carsana262
Protein sequence evidence for monophyly of the carnivore families Procyonidae and MustelidaeWW de Jong276
On the delta Q-test of TempletonN Saitou282
Phylogeny and DNA-DNA hybridizationM Ruvolo, TF Smith285
Further comments on the statistical analysis of DNA-DNA hybridization dataAR Templeton290
Editorial comment296

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