Table of Contents

Volume 3, Issue 6, November 1986

Nucleotide sequence analysis of the lemur beta-globin gene family: evidence for major rate fluctuations in globin polypeptide evolutionS Harris, JR Thackeray, AJ Jeffreys, ML Weiss465
A comparison of phylogenies based on structural and tissue-expressional differences of enzymes in a family of teleost fishes (Salmoniformes: Umbridae)MK Kettler, AW Ghent, GS Whitt485
Doubled duplication of the structural gene for cytosolic phosphoglucose isomerase in the Dactylis glomerata L. polyploid complexR Lumaret499
Distribution and conservation of mobile elements in the genus DrosophilaSN Stacey, RA Lansman, HW Brock, TA Grigliatti522
Mitochondrial DNA evolution in the genus EquusM George, OA Ryder535
Variation in the intergenic spacer of ribosomal DNA of wild wheat, Triticum dicoccoides, in IsraelRB Flavell, M O'Dell, P Sharp, E Nevo, A Beiles547
Book reviewPM Sharp559
Announcement of forthcoming meeting: International Federation of Classification Societies561
MBE reviewer index563
MBE author-subject index565

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