Table of Contents

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 1987

Invasion of the human albumin-alpha-fetoprotein gene family by Alu, Kpn, and two novel repetitive DNA elementsDE Ruffner, CN Sprung, PP Minghetti, PE Gibbs, A Dugaiczyk1
Molecular evolution of rodent insulinsJJ Beintema, RN Campagne10
Clustering and subfamily relationships of the Alu family in the human genomeV Slagel, E Flemington, V Traina-Dorge, H Bradshaw, P Deininger19
The molecular organization of the beta-globin complex of the deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatusRW Padgett, DD Loeb, LR Snyder, MH Edgell, CA Hutchison30
Heteroplasmy in mice with deletion of a large coding region of mitochondrial DNAP Boursot, H Yonekawa, F Bonhomme46
Rates of single-copy DNA evolution in heronsFH Sheldon56
Data from hybrid species supporting the MC'F assortment-exclusion hypothesisRD Maxson, KD Moberg, LR Maxson70
Rates of nucleotide substitution are evidently higher in rodents than in manWH Li, CI Wu74
The rates of nucleotide substitution in the human and rodent lineages: a reply to Li and WuS Easteal78
Commentary on the Li and Wu, Easteal lettersWM Fitch81
Meeting announcement: UCLA school on international evolution83

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