Table of Contents

Volume 4, Issue 4, July 1987

L1 repeat elements in the human epsilon-G gamma-globin gene intergenic region: sequence analysis and concerted evolution within this familyPK Rogan, J Pan, SM Weissman327
Intraspecific DNA divergence in Drosophila: a study on parthenogenetic D. mercatorumA Caccone, GD Amato, JR Powell343
Distributions of two recently inserted long interspersed elements of the L1 repetitive family at the Alb and beta h3 loci in wild mice populationsM Bellis, V Jubier-Maurin, B Dod, F Vanlerberghe, AM Laurent351
Origin of structural domains of the serum-albumin gene family and a predicted structure of the gene for vitamin D-binding proteinPE Gibbs, A Dugaiczyk364
The evolution of prokaryotic ferredoxins--with a general method correcting for unobserved substitutions in less branched lineagesWM Fitch, M Bruschi381
A statistical analysis of nucleotide sequences of introns and exons in human genesM Bulmer395
The neighbor-joining method: a new method for reconstructing phylogenetic treesN Saitou, M Nei406
Codon contexts in enterobacterial and coliphage genesM Gouy426

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