Table of Contents

Volume 4, Issue 5, September 1987

Origin and evolution of organisms as deduced from 5S ribosomal RNA sequencesH Hori, S Osawa445
Molecular evidence for the rapid propagation of mouse t haplotypes from a single, recent, ancestral chromosomeLM Silver, M Hammer, H Fox, J Garrels, M Bucan473
Evolutionary expansion of Mhc class I loci in the mole-rat, Spalax ehrenbergiV Vincek, D Nizetic, M Golubic, F Figueroa, E Nevo483
Gene conversions in the horse alpha-globin gene complexJB Clegg492
Molecular evolution of mammalian class I alcohol dehydrogenaseS Yokoyama, R Yokoyama504
Mode of inheritance and variation of mitochondrial DNA in hybridogenetic fishes of the genus PoeciliopsisJC Avise, RC Vrijenhoek514
Systematics and mitochondrial genome evolution of Australian Rosellas (Aves: Platycercidae)JR Ovenden, AG Mackinlay, RH Crozier526
Structural relatedness of lysis proteins from colicinogenic plasmids and icosahedral coliphagesPC Lau, MA Hefford, P Klein544
Book reviewD Hewett-Emmett557

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