Table of Contents

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 1988

Molecular evolution of intergenic DNA in higher primates: pattern of DNA changes, molecular clock, and evolution of repetitive sequencesN Maeda, CI Wu, J Bliska, J Reneke1
The structure and evolution of the spider monkey delta-globin geneRA Spritz, LB Giebel21
Restriction-map variation in the Notch region of Drosophila melanogasterSW Schaeffer, CF Aquadro, CH Langley30
Studies of esterase 6 in Drosophila melanogaster. XVIII. Biochemical differences between the slow and fast allozymesMM White, SD Mane, RC Richmond41
Hybrid origin of Japanese mice "Mus musculus molossinus": evidence from restriction analysis of mitochondrial DNAH Yonekawa, K Moriwaki, O Gotoh, N Miyashita, Y Matsushima63
Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in three Antillean island populations of the fruit bat, Artibeus jamaicensisDE Pumo, EZ Goldin, B Elliot, CJ Phillips, HH Genoways79
Paired sequence difference in ribosomal RNAs: evolutionary and phylogenetic implicationsWC Wheeler, RL Honeycutt90
Inactivation of human keratin genes: the spectrum of mutations in the sequence of an acidic keratin pseudogeneES Savtchenko, IM Freedberg, IY Choi, M Blumenberg97
Book reviewA Clark109

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