Table of Contents

Volume 5, Issue 3, May 1988

Higher-primate phylogeny--why can't we decide?R Holmquist, MM Miyamoto, M Goodman201
Analysis of higher-primate phylogeny from transversion differences in nuclear and mitochondrial DNA by Lake's methods of evolutionary parsimony and operator metricsR Holmquist, MM Miyamoto, M Goodman217
Molecular evolution of the human immunodeficiency and related virusesS Yokoyama, L Chung, T Gojobori237
Molecular characteristics of diverse populations are consistent with the hypothesis of a recent invasion of Drosophila melanogaster by mobile P elementsD Anxolabehere, MG Kidwell, G Periquet252
Phylogenetic relationships among Japanese, rhesus, Formosan, and crab- eating monkeys, inferred from restriction-enzyme analysis of mitochondrial DNAsK Hayasaka, S Horai, T Gojobori, T Shotake, K Nozawa270
The phylogenetic origin of the bifunctional tyrosine-pathway protein in the enteric lineage of bacteriaS Ahmad, RA Jensen282
Relative efficiencies of the maximum parsimony and distance-matrix methods in obtaining the correct phylogenetic treeJ Sourdis, M Nei298

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