Table of Contents

Volume 5, Issue 4, July 1988

Rates and dates of divergence between AIDS virus nucleotide sequencesWH Li, M Tanimura, PM Sharp313
Current versus historical population sizes in vertebrate species with high gene flow: a comparison based on mitochondrial DNA lineages and inbreeding theory for neutral mutationsJC Avise, RM Ball, J Arnold331
Phylogenic relationship, divergence times and rates of molecular evolution for camarodont sea urchinsAB Smith345
Complete sequences of the rRNA genes of Drosophila melanogasterD Tautz, JM Hancock, DA Webb, C Tautz, GA Dover366
Molecular coevolution among cryptically simple expansion segments of eukaryotic 26S/28S rRNAsJM Hancock, GA Dover377
Evolution of the secondary structures and compensatory mutations of the ribosomal RNAs of Drosophila melanogasterJM Hancock, D Tautz, GA Dover393
DNA divergence in and around the alcohol dehydrogenase locus in five closely related species of Hawaiian DrosophilaJG Bishop, JA Hunt415
Nucleotide sequence comparison of the rp49 gene region between Drosophila subobscura and D. melanogasterM Aguade433
Evolution of androgen-regulated mRNA expression in mouse kidneyJ Tseng-Crank, C Schonfeld, FG Berger442
Widespread distribution of deletions of the bgl operon in natural isolates of Escherichia coliBG Hall456

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