Table of Contents

Volume 6, Issue 4, July 1989

A statistical test that supports a human/chimpanzee clade based on noncoding DNA sequence dataSA Williams, M Goodman325
Rates of single-copy DNA evolution in phalangeriform marsupialsMS Springer, JA Kirsch331
Adaptive evolution of G-protein coupled receptor genesS Yokoyama, KE Isenberg, AF Wright342
Dispersed repeats and structural reorganization in subclover chloroplast DNABG Milligan, JN Hampton, JD Palmer355
Lactate dehydrogenase-B cDNA from the teleost Fundulus heteroclitus: evolutionary implicationsDL Crawford, HR Constantino, DA Powers369
Restriction-map variation associated with the G6PD polymorphism in natural populations of Drosophila melanogasterWF Eanes, JW Ajioka, J Hey, C Wesley384
The CO-I and CO-II region of honeybee mitochondrial DNA: evidence for variation in insect mitochondrial evolutionary ratesRH Crozier, YC Crozier, AG Mackinlay399
Independent insertion of Alu elements in the human ribosomal spacer and their concerted evolutionIL Gonzalez, R Petersen, JE Sylvester413
A statistical test of phylogenies estimated from sequence dataWH Li424
The relative-rate test of the molecular clock hypothesis: a note of cautionS Scherer436
Book reviewD Graur442
Announcement: Society of systematic zoology, American society of zoologists symposium445

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