Table of Contents

Volume 6, Issue 5, September 1989

Positive darwinian selection observed at the variable-region genes of immunoglobulinsT Tanaka, M Nei447
The involucrin gene of the owl monkey: origin of the early regionH Tseng, H Green460
The involucrin gene of the orangutan: generation of the late region as an evolutionary trend in the hominoidsP Djian, H Green469
Concerted evolution of light satellite DNA in genus Mus implies amplification and homogenization of large blocks of repeatsB Dod, E Mottez, E Desmarais, F Bonhomme, G Roizes478
Restriction-map variation with the yellow-achaete-scute region in five populations of Drosophila melanogasterWF Eanes, J Labate, JW Ajioka492
Evolution of ionic channels of biological membranesF Franciolini, A Petris503
Relative efficiencies of the Fitch-Margoliash, maximum-parsimony, maximum-likelihood, minimum-evolution, and neighbor-joining methods of phylogenetic tree construction in obtaining the correct treeN Saitou, T Imanishi514
Statistical tests for detecting gene conversionS Sawyer526
The statistical analysis of mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms: chi 2 and the problem of small samplesDA Roff, P Bentzen539
A shift in the third-codon-position nucleotide frequency in alcohol dehydrogenase genes in the genus DrosophilaWT Starmer, DT Sullivan546
Satellite DNA and higher-primate phylogenyJC Fowler, JD Skinner, LA Burgoyne, RD Drinkwater553

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