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Volume 6, Issue 6, November 1989

Evolution of the major histocompatibility complex: independent origin of nonclassical class I genes in different groups of mammalsAL Hughes, M Nei559
A molecular view of primate phylogeny and important systematic and evolutionary questionsBF Koop, DA Tagle, M Goodman, JL Slightom580
Evolution of legume seed storage proteins--a domain common to legumins and vicilins is duplicated in vicilinsPE Gibbs, KB Strongin, A McPherson614
Molecular genetic variation in the centromeric region of the X chromosome in three Drosophila ananassae populations. II. The Om(1D) locusW Stephan624
Lineage effects and the index of dispersion of molecular evolutionJH Gillespie636
A new method that simultaneously aligns and reconstructs ancestral sequences for any number of homologous sequences, when the phylogeny is givenJ Hein649
A tree reconstruction method that is economical in the number of pairwise comparisons usedJ Hein669
Molecular evidence for inclusion of the phylum pentastomida in the crustaceaLG Abele, W Kim, BE Felgenhauer685
Phylogenetic relationship of birds with crocodiles and mammals, as deduced from protein sequencesD Larhammar, RJ Milner693
MBE reviewer index697
MBE author-subject index698
Books reviewed701

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