Table of Contents

Volume 7, Issue 3, May 1990

Ribosomal RNA gene sequences and hominoid phylogenyIL Gonzalez, JE Sylvester, TF Smith, D Stambolian, RD Schmickel203
The involucrin gene of the gibbon: the middle region shared by the hominoidsP Djian, H Green220
Evolution of the T1 retroposon family in the Anopheles gambiae complexNJ Besansky229
Contrasting evolutionary histories of chloroplast thioredoxins f and mH Hartman, M Syvanen, BB Buchanan247
Designer invariants for large phylogeniesD Sankoff255
Variation in the distribution of silver-staining nucleolar organizer regions on the chromosomes of the wild mouse, Mus musculusH Suzuki, Y Kurihara, T Kanehisa, K Moriwaki271
Molecular clocks and generation time in burramyid marsupialsA Cockburn, IM Mansergh, LS Broome, S Ward283
Book reviewsC Wu, JB Walsh286
Books reviewed291

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