Table of Contents

Volume 7, Issue 4, July 1990

The involucrin genes of pig and dog: comparison of their segments of repeats with those of prosimians and higher primatesH Tseng, H Green293
Chloroplast DNA evolves slowly in the palm family (Arecaceae)MA Wilson, B Gaut, MT Clegg303
Single-copy DNA distance between two congeneric sea urchin species exhibiting radically different modes of developmentMJ Smith, JD Boom, RA Raff315
Cloning and sequencing of bovine apolipoprotein A-I cDNA and molecular evolution of apolipoproteins A-I and B-100C O'hUigin, L Chan, WH Li327
Evidence for rolling-circle replication in a major satellite DNA from the South American rodents of the genus CtenomysMS Rossi, OA Reig, J Zorzopulos340
Heterochromatin condensation and evolution of unique satellite-DNA families in two parasitic wasp species: Diadromus pulchellus and Eupelmus vuilleti (Hymenoptera)Y Bigot, MH Hamelin, G Periquet351
Phylogenetic relationships of the pipid frogs Xenopus and Silurana: an integration of ribosomal DNA and morphologyRO de Sa, DM Hillis365
The analysis of population survey data on DNA sequence variationM Lynch, TJ Crease377
The analysis of population survey data on DNA sequence variationD Hewett-Emmett, PM Sharp395

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