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Volume 7, Issue 5, September 1990

Evolution of isopenicillin N synthase genes may have involved horizontal gene transferG Landan, G Cohen, Y Aharonowitz, Y Shuali, D Graur399
Origin of rat beta-globin haplotypes containing three and five genesT Paunesku, M Stevanovic, D Radosavljevic, R Drmanac, R Crkvenjakov407
Evolution of beta-globin haplotypes in human populationsLZ Chen, S Easteal, PG Board, RL Kirk423
Correcting parsimonious trees for unseen nucleotide substitutions: the effect of dense branching as exemplified by ribonucleaseWM Fitch, JJ Beintema438
Hierarchical analysis of population genetic variation in mitochondrial and nuclear genes of Daphnia pulexTJ Crease, M Lynch, K Spitze444
Analysis of the gene encoding the multifunctional alcohol dehydrogenase allozyme ADH-71k of Drosophila melanogasterKT Eisses, AJ Andriesse, de Douwe, GE Thorig, PJ Weisbeek459
The primary structure of langur (Presbytis entellus) pancreatic ribonuclease: adaptive features in digestive enzymes in mammalsJJ Beintema470
The similarity index and DNA fingerprintingM Lynch478
Accuracy of estimating genetic distance between species from short sequences of mitochondrial DNAAP Martin, BD Kessing, SR Palumbi485
Notice to Molecular Biology and Evolution readers and authors489

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