Table of Contents

Volume 8, Issue 1, January 1991

Subfamily relationships and clustering of rabbit C repeatsDE Krane, AG Clark, JF Cheng, RC Hardison1
Comparison of alcohol dehydrogenase expression in Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulansMS Thomson, JW Jacobson, CC Laurie31
Rates of DNA change and phylogeny from the DNA sequences of the alcohol dehydrogenase gene for five closely related species of Hawaiian DrosophilaRG Rowan, JA Hunt49
Ribosomal DNA variation within and between species of rodents, with emphasis on the genus OnychomysMW Allard, RL Honeycutt71
Variation in mitochondrial cytochrome b sequence in natural populations of South American akodontine rodents (Muridae: Sigmodontinae)MF Smith, JL Patton85
Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in the two subspecies of Drosophila sulfurigaster: relationship between geographic structure of population and nucleotide diversityK Tamura, T Aotsuka, O Kitagawa104
The relative rate of DNA evolution in primatesS Easteal115
Methods for inferring phylogenies from nucleic acid sequence data by using maximum likelihood and linear invariantsWC Navidi, GA Churchill, Ha von128
Drosophila glucose dehydrogenase and yeast alcohol oxidase are homologous and share N-terminal homology with other flavoenzymesDR Cavener, PA Krasney144
Studies on the phylogenetic position of the Ctenodactylidae (Rodentia)JJ Beintema, K Rodewald, G Braunitzer, J Czelusniak, M Goodman151

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