Table of Contents

Volume 8, Issue 2, March 1991

Molecular evolution of the psi eta-globin gene locus: gibbon phylogeny and the hominoid slowdownWJ Bailey, DH Fitch, DA Tagle, J Czelusniak, JL Slightom155
Evolutionary origin and diversification of the mammalian CD1 antigen genesAL Hughes185
Study of an isolated population at the nucleotide level: rp49 region of a canarian population of Drosophila subobscuraJ Rozas, M Aguade202
Isolation and molecular evolutionary analysis of a cytochrome c gene from Oryza sativa (rice)EC Kemmerer, M Lei, R Wu212
Strong reproductive isolation between closely related tropical sea urchins (genus Echinometra)SR Palumbi, EC Metz227
Assessing the reliability of 5S RNA sequence data for phylogenetic analysis in green plantsKP Steele, KE Holsinger, RK Jansen, DW Taylor240
5S ribosomal RNA sequences inappropriate for phylogenetic reconstructionKM Halanych249
What is a genus in the Trypanosomatidae family? Phylogenetic analysis of two small rRNA sequencesE Gomez, AM Valdes, D Pinero, R Hernandez254

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