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Volume 8, Issue 5, September 1991

Mhc-DRB genes of the pigtail macaque (Macaca nemestrina): implications for the evolution of human DRB genesZF Zhu, V Vincek, F Figueroa, C Schonbach, J Klein563
The involucrin genes of the white-fronted capuchin and cottontop tamarin: the platyrrhine middle regionM Phillips, RH Rice, P Djian, H Green579
Systematic underestimation of tree branch lengths by lake's operator metrics: an effect of position-dependent substitution ratesGJ Olsen592
L1 gene conversion or same-site transpositionFH Burton, DD Loeb, MH Edgell, CA Hutchison609
Ribosomal DNA variation in Daphnia pulexTJ Crease, M Lynch620
Evolution of messenger RNA structure and regulation in the genus Mus: the androgen-inducible RP2 mRNAsA Chaudhuri, KW Barbour, FG Berger641
Temporal and topological clustering of diverged residues among enterobacterial dihydrofolate reductasesLD Garvin, SC Hardies654
The phylogenetic status of arthropods, as inferred from 18S rRNA sequencesJM Turbeville, DM Pfeifer, KG Field, RA Raff669
The molecular evolution of the alcohol dehydrogenase locus and the phylogeny of Hawaiian DrosophilaRH Thomas, JA Hunt687
Metabolic control analysis and enzyme variation: nutritional manipulation of the flux from ethanol to lipids in DrosophilaPW Heinstra, BW Geer703
Evidence for replication slippage in the evolution of Oenothera chloroplast DNAR Wolfson, KG Higgins, BB Sears709
Molecular analysis of the responder satellite DNA in Drosophila melanogaster: DNA bending, nucleosome structure, and Rsp-binding proteinsP Doshi, S Kaushal, C Benyajati, CI Wu721

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