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Volume 8, Issue 6, November 1991

Evolutionary rate of immunoglobulin alpha noncoding region is greater in hominoids than in Old World monkeysS Kawamura, H Tanabe, Y Watanabe, K Kurosaki, N Saitou743
MHC class II genes of a marsupial, the red-necked wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus): identification of new gene familiesS Schneider, V Vincek, H Tichy, F Figueroa, J Klein753
Phylogenetic relationships and biogeography of xantusiid lizards, inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequencesSB Hedges, RL Bezy, LR Maxson767
Comparison of the bindin proteins of Strongylocentrotus franciscanus, S. purpuratus, and Lytechinus variegatus: sequences involved in the species specificity of fertilizationJE Minor, DR Fromson, RJ Britten, EH Davidson781
Molecular phylogeny of plethodonine salamanders and hylid frogs: statistical analysis of protein comparisonsR Highton796
Phylogenetic relationships of neopterygian fishes, inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequencesBB Normark, AR McCune, RG Harrison819
Evolution of retroposons by acquisition or deletion of retrovirus-like genesMA McClure835
The structure of the Adh locus of Drosophila mettleri: an intermediate in the evolution of the Adh locus in the repleta group of DrosophilaJS Yum, WT Starmer, DT Sullivan857
Use of the method of generalized least squares in reconstructing phylogenies from sequence dataM Bulmer868
High fidelity of the polymerase chain reactionJ Kwiatowski, D Skarecky, S Hernandez, D Pham, F Quijas884
Pancreatic polypeptide and the sister group of birdsSB Hedges, LR Maxson888
Monophyly/paraphyly/polyphyly and gene/species trees: an example from DrosophilaJR Powell892
Similarity and congruence as criteria for molecular homolgyDP Mindell897
Book reviewN Takahata901
MBE reviewer index905
MBE author-subject index906

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