Table of Contents

Volume 9, Issue 5, September 1992

Letter from the editor: A change in MBEWM Fitch777
Testing phylogenetic approaches with empirical data, as illustrated with the parsimony methodMW Allard, MM Miyamoto778
Metabolic compartmentation of vertebrate glutamine synthetase: putative mitochondrial targeting signal in avian liver glutamine synthetaseJW Campbell, DD Smith787
Evolutionary adaptation to different thermal environments via transcriptional regulationDL Crawford, DA Powers806
The rate and pattern of nucleotide substitution in Drosophila mitochondrial DNAK Tamura814
Variable arrangement of 5S ribosomal genes within the ribosomal DNA repeats of arthropodsG Drouin, JM Sevigny, IA McLaren, JD Hofman, WF Doolittle826
Rate and mode differences between nuclear and mitochondrial small- subunit rRNA genes in mushroomsTD Bruns, TM Szaro836
Constraints on the evolution of plastid introns: the group II intron in the gene encoding tRNA-Val(UAC)GH Learn, JS Shore, GR Furnier, G Zurawski, MT Clegg856
Molecular phylogeny of the Helianthus genus, based on nuclear restriction-fragment-length polymorphism (RFLP)L Gentzbittel, A Perrault, P Nicholas872
Molecular evolution of the fungi: human pathogensBH Bowman, JW Taylor, TJ White893
The origin and possible time of divergence of the Hawaiian Drosophilidae: evidence from DNA sequencesR DeSalle905
The molecular basis of genetic diversity among cytoplasms of Triticum and Aegilops. VIII. Mitochondrial RFLP analyses using cloned genes as probesT Terachi, K Tsunewaki917
Phylogeny of some ascaridoid nematodes, inferred from comparison of 18S and 28S rRNA sequencesSA Nadler932
A simple method for estimating and testing minimum-evolution treesA Rzhetsky, M Nei945
Detecting geographic subdivision: A comment on a paper by Hudson et alDE Roff, P Bentzen968
Reply to Roff and BentzenRR Hudson969
A conserved domain in mitochondrial transporters is homologous to a zinc-finger knuckle of nuclear hormone receptorsF Bouillaud, L Casteilla, D Ricquier970

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