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Volume 9, Issue 6, November 1992

Consecutive actions of different gene-altering mechanisms in the evolution of involucrinH Green, P Djian977
Mysticete (baleen whale) relationships based upon the sequence of the common cetacean DNA satelliteU Arnason, S Gretarsdottir, B Widegren1018
Evolution of the expression of the Gld gene in the reproductive tract of DrosophilaNM Schiff, Y Feng, JA Quine, PA Krasney, DR Cavener1029
Horizontal transfer of hobo transposable elements within the Drosophila melanogaster species complex: evidence from DNA sequencingGM Simmons1050
Sequence evolution in mitochondrial ribosomal and ND-1 genes in lepidoptera: implications for phylogenetic analysesDP Pashley, LD Ke1061
Complete congruence between morphological and rbcL-based molecular phylogenies in birches and related species (Betulaceae)J Bousquet, SH Strauss, P Li1076
The 5S ribosomal RNA gene in Pythium species: two different genomic locationsA Belkhiri, J Buchko, GR Klassen1089
Group I introns within the nuclear-encoded small-subunit rRNA gene of three green algaeLW Wilcox, LA Lewis, PA Fuerst, GL Floyd1103
Statistical properties of bootstrap estimation of phylogenetic variability from nucleotide sequences. I. Four taxa with a molecular clockA Zharkikh, WH Li1119
Freeing phylogenies from artifacts of alignmentJL Thorne, H Kishino1148
The effect of unequal transversion rates on the accuracy of evolutionary parsimonyWC Navidi, L Beckett-Lemus1163
Age of the common ancestor of human mitochondrial DNAM Nei1176
A collagenous sequence in a prokaryotic hyaluronidaseM Stern, R Stern1179
Error introduced by the infinite-site modelA Rogers1181
Relative-rate test for nucleotide substitutions between two lineagesP Li, J Bousquet1185
Book reviewsM Bulmer, K Omoto1190
Reviewer index1195
Author-subject index1196

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