Table of Contents

Volume 10, Issue 1, January 1993

Special issue. Papers from the International Conference on Molecular Evolution. University Park, Pennsylvania, June 11-14, 19921
Allelic genealogy and human evolutionN Takahata2
Peopling of the Americas, founded by four major lineages of mitochondrial DNAS Horai, R Kondo, Y Nakagawa-Hattori, S Hayashi, S Sonoda23
Different modes of Mhc evolution in primatesJ Klein, C O'hUigin, F Figueroa, WE Mayer, D Klein48
Phylogenetic diversification of immunoglobulin genes and the antibody repertoireGW Litman, JP Rast, MJ Shamblott, RN Haire, M Hulst60
Use of long sequence alignments to study the evolution and regulation of mammalian globin gene clustersR Hardison, W Miller73
Evolution of the alpha-crystallin/small heat-shock protein familyWW de Jong, JA Leunissen, CE Voorter103
Molecular evolution of a repetitive region within the per gene of DrosophilaAA Peixoto, S Campesan, R Costa, CP Kyriacou127
Molecular phylogenies in angiosperm evolutionW Martin, D Lydiate, H Brinkmann, G Forkmann, H Saedler140
Sequence relationship of retrotransposable elements R1 and R2 within and between divergent insect speciesWD Burke, DG Eickbush, Y Xiong, J Jakubczak, TH Eickbush163
The vertebrate genome: isochores and evolutionG Bernardi186
Forbidden synonymous substitutions in coding regionsRJ Britten205
Molecular evolution of voltage-sensitive ion channel genes: on the origins of electrical excitabilityM Strong, KG Chandy, GA Gutman221
Nonlinear relationships among evolutionary rates identify regions of functional divergence in heat-shock protein 70 genesAL Hughes243
Ribosomal RNA secondary structure: compensatory mutations and implications for phylogenetic analysisMT Dixon, DM Hillis256
Announcements: First annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution; Community ecologist positionMT Dixon, DM Hillis256

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