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Volume 10, Issue 2, March 1993

Evolution of the Zfx and Zfy genes: rates and interdependence between the genesP Pamilo, NO Bianchi271
mtDNA diversity in rhesus monkeys reveals overestimates of divergence time and paraphyly with neighboring speciesDJ Melnick, GA Hoelzer, R Absher, MV Ashley282
Nucleotide sequence of the D-loop region of the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) mitochondrial genomeMC Dillon, JM Wright296
Molecular studies on two variant repeat types of the common cetacean DNA satellite of the sperm whale, and the relationship between Physeteridae (sperm whales) and Ziphiidae (beaked whales)S Gretarsdottir, U Arnason306
Restriction-site heteroplasmy in Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) indicates incidental biparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNAA Magoulas, E Zouros319
Intraspecific DNA sequence variation of the mitochondrial control region of white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus)JR Brown, AT Beckenbach, MJ Smith326
PCR-based assays of mendelian polymorphisms from anonymous single-copy nuclear DNA: techniques and applications for population geneticsSA Karl, JC Avise342
Phylogenetic relationships in Drosophila: a conflict between molecular and morphological dataRH Thomas, JA Hunt362
Mitochondrial DNA evolution in the Montium-species subgroup of DrosophilaP Pissios, ZG Scouras375
DNA insertions as a component of the evolution of unique satellite DNA families in two genera of parasitoid wasps: Diadromus and Eupelmus (Hymenoptera)D Rojas-Rousse, Y Bigot, G Periquet383
Low codon bias and high rates of synonymous substitution in Drosophila hydei and D. melanogaster histone genesDH Fitch, LD Strausbaugh397
Chloroplast genome rearrangements and the evolution of giant Lobelias from herbaceous ancestorsEB Knox, SR Downie, JD Palmer414
Phylogenetic relationships among Taphrina, Saitoella, and other higher fungiH Nishida, J Sugiyama431
Evolution of base composition in T-DNA genes from AgrobacteriumJM Martinez-Zapater, A Marin, JL Oliver437
Genetic structure of natural populationsof the plant RNA virus tobacco mild green mosaic virusA Moya, E Rodriguez-Cerezo, F Garcia-Arenal449
The variability of the hepatitis B virus genome: statistical analysis and biological implicationsIJ Lauder, HJ Lin, JY Lau, TS Siu, CL Lai457
A simple method to improve the reliability of tree reconstructionsM Schoniger, A von Haeseler471
Lack of mitochondrial DNA variation in Australian Drosophila buzzatiiR Halliburton, JS Barker484
The evolution of the cytochrome b protein: How many regions are conserved?N Howell488
Announcements: First annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution; Society of general physiologists 47th annual symposium; 1993 Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution student prize492

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