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Volume 10, Issue 4, July 1993

A major difference between the divergence patterns within the lines-1 families in mice and volesF Vanlerberghe, F Bonhomme, CA Hutchison, MH Edgell719
Conserved sequence and functional domains in satellite 2 from three families of salamandersB Green, LM Pabon-Pena, TA Graham, SE Peach, SR Coats732
Mitochondrial phylogeny of the endemic mouthbrooding lineages of cichlid fishes from Lake Tanganyika in eastern AfricaC Sturmbauer, A Meyer751
Conservation of alternative splicing and genomic organization of the myosin alkali light-chain (Mlc1) gene among Drosophila speciesBG Leicht, EM Lyckegaard, CM Benedict, AG Clark769
Distribution and conservation of sequences homologous to the 1731 retrotransposon in DrosophilaC Montchamp-Moreau, S Ronsseray, M Jacques, M Lehmann, D Anxolabehere791
Population genetics and phylogenetics of DNA sequence variation at multiple loci within the Drosophila melanogaster species complexJ Hey, RM Kliman804
On the detection of nonrandom associations between DNA polymorphisms in natural populations of DrosophilaC Zapata, G Alvarez823
Analysis of a genetic hitchhiking model, and its application to DNA polymorphism data from Drosophila melanogasterTH Wiehe, W Stephan842
Contrasting patterns of geographic variation shown by mtDNA and karyotype organization in two subspecies of Caledia captiva (Orthoptera)AD Marchani, DD Shaw855
Protein evolution in different cellular environments: cytochrome b in sharks and mammalsAP Martin, SR Palumbi873
Phylogenetic analysis of the outer-membrane-protein genes of Chlamydiae, and its implication for vaccine developmentWM Fitch, EM Peterson, LM de la Maza892
Evolutionary relatedness of some primate models of PlasmodiumAP Waters, DG Higgins, TF McCutchan914
Plasmodial ribosomal RNA as phylogenetic probe: a cautionary noteV Corredor, V Enea924

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