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Volume 10, Issue 5, September 1993

Evolutionary relationships of human populations on a global scaleM Nei, AK Roychoudhury927
Molecular phylogenetics of Stenodermatini bat genera: congruence of data from nuclear and mitochondrial DNARA Van Den Bussche, RJ Baker, HA Wichman, MJ Hamilton944
Cetacean mitochondrial DNA control region: sequences of all extant baleen whales and two sperm whale speciesU Arnason, A Gullberg, B Widegren960
Phylogenetic analysis of the alpha-globin pseudogene-4 (Hba-ps4) locus in the house mouse species complex reveals a stepwise evolution of t haplotypesMF Hammer, LM Silver971
Congruence in control-region sequence and restriction-site variation in mitochondrial DNA of Brook Charr (Salvelinus fontinalis Mitchill)L Bernatchez, RG Danzmann1002
Retention of an ancestral polymorphism in the Mbuna species flock (Teleostei: Cichlidae) of Lake MalawiP Moran, I Kornfield1015
Molecular drift of the bride of sevenless (boss) gene in DrosophilaFJ Ayala, DL Hartl1030
The Drosophila ribosomal protein S6 gene includes a 3' triplication that arose by unequal crossing-overMJ Stewart, R Denell1041
Positive selection for colicin diversity in bacteriaMA Riley1048
Major-histocompatibility-complex variation in two species of cichlid fishes from Lake MalawiH Ono, C O'hUigin, H Tichy, J Klein1060
Theoretical foundation of the minimum-evolution method of phylogenetic inference. A Rzhetsky, M Nei1073
Prospects for estimating nucleotide divergence with RAPDsAG Clark, CM Lanigan1096
A bias-corrected estimate of heterozygosity for single-probe multilocus DNA fingerprintsL Jin, R Chakraborty1112

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