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Volume 11, Issue 1, January 1994

Letter from the SMBE presidentM Neii
Letter from the editor of Molecular Biology and EvolutionBG Halli
Slipped-strand mispairing in a plastid gene: rpoC2 in grasses (Poaceae)MP Cummings, LM King, EA Kellogg1
Patterns of sequence variation in the mitochondrial D-loop region of shrewsDT Stewart, AJ Baker9
Mitochondrial control-region sequences in two shorebird species, the turnstone and the dunlin, and their utility in population genetic studiesPW Wenink, AJ Baker, MG Tilanus22
Gene duplications and evolution of the short wavelength-sensitive visual pigments in vertebratesS Yokoyama32
Phylogenetic analysis supports horizontal transfer of P transposable elementsJB Clark, WP Maddison, MG Kidwell40
Sequence variation in the outer-surface-protein genes of Borrelia burgdorferiDA Caporale, TD Kocher51
Protein phylogeny gives a robust estimation for early divergences of eukaryotes: phylogenetic place of a mitochondria-lacking protozoan, Giardia lambliaT Hashimoto, Y Nakamura, F Nakamura, T Shirakura, J Adachi65
Loss of phylogenetic information in chorion gene families of Bombyx mori gene conversionJC Regier, BM Weigmann, RF Leclerc, TP Friedlander72
DNA mismatch repair and synonymous codon evolution in mammalsA Eyre-Walker88
Estimation of evolutionary distance between distantly related sequences of amino acids, taking account of patterns of amino acid replacementK Fukami-Kobayashi99
Variation in heat-shock proteins among species of desert fishes (Poeciliidae, Poeciliopsis)CN White, LE Hightower, RJ Schultz106
Estimation of genetic distance and coefficient of gene diversity from single-probe multilocus DNA fingerprinting dataL Jin, R Chakraborty120
Phylogeny of Greya (Lepidoptera: Prodoxidae), based on nucleotide sequence variation in mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I and II: congruence with morphological dataJM Brown, O Pellmyr, JN Thompson, RG Harrison128
Accuracies of the simple methods for estimating the bootstrap probability of a maximum-likelihood treeM Hasegawa, H Kishino142
Molecular evolution of a Y-chromosomal repetitive sequence family in the genus MusY Nishioka, BM Dolan, L Zahed, V Prado, H Tyson146
Model selection in the estimation of the number of nucleotide substitutionsK Tamura154

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