Table of Contents

Volume 11, Issue 3, May 1994

Evolution of the WANCY region in amniote mitochondrial DNAG Seutin, BF Lang, DP Mindell, R Morais329
Multiple nuclear-gene phylogenies: application to pinnipeds and comparison with a mitochondrial DNA gene phylogenyRW Slade, C Moritz, A Heideman341
Molecular evidence for the inclusion of cetaceans within the order ArtiodactylaD Graur, DG Higgins357
Molecular cloning of a cDNA encoding cytochrome c of Stellaria longipes (Caryophyllaceae)--and the evolutionary implicationsXH Zhang, CC Chinnappa365
Ribosomal RNA sequence phylogeny is not congruent with ascospore morphology among species in Ceratocystis sensu strictoBD Wingfield, WS Grant, JF Wolfaardt, MJ Wingfield376
Recent evolutionary history of American Onchocerca volvulus, based on analysis of a tandemly repeated DNA sequence familyPA Zimmerman, CR Katholi, MC Wooten, N Lang-Unnasch, TR Unnasch384
Evolution and phylogenetic information content of the ITS-1 region in the tiger beetle Cicindela dorsalisAP Vogler, R DeSalle393
Sequence analysis of the ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer 2 from populations of Anopheles nuneztovari (Diptera: Culicidae)GN Fritz, J Conn, A Cockburn, J Seawright406
Phylogeny of the C3/C4/C5 complement-component gene family indicates that C5 diverged firstAL Hughes417
Contrasting population structure from nuclear intron sequences and mtDNA of humpback whalesSR Palumbi, CS Baker426
Substitution-rate variation among sites and the estimation of transition biasJ Wakeley436
Unusual molecular evolution of an Adh pseudogene in DrosophilaDT Sullivan, WT Starmer, SW Curtiss, M Menotti-Raymond, J Yum443
A simulation comparison of phylogeny algorithms under equal and unequal evolutionary ratesMK Kuhner, J Felsenstein459
Divergent evolution and evolution by the birth-and-death process in the immunoglobulin VH gene familyT Ota, M Nei469
Tracing paternal ancestry in mice, using the Y-linked, sex-determining locus, SryBL Lundrigan, PK Tucker483
Evolution of arthropod hemocyanins and insect storage proteins (hexamerins)JJ Beintema, WT Stam, B Hazes, MP Smidt493
Evolutionary rates of insertion and deletion in noncoding nucleotide sequences of primatesN Saitou, S Ueda504
Comparative evolutionary analysis of rDNA ITS regions in DrosophilaC Schlotterer, MT Hauser, Ha von, D Tautz513
Sequence, organization, and evolution of the A+T region of Drosophila melanogaster mitochondrial DNADL Lewis, CL Farr, AL Farquhar, LS Kaguni523
Polymorphism and divergence at the 5' flanking region of the sex- determining locus, Sry, in miceMW Nachman, CF Aquadro539
Intronic gene conversion in the evolution of human X-linked color vision genesSK Shyue, L Li, BH Chang, WH Li548

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