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Volume 11, Issue 4, July 1994

Patterns of differentiation and hybridization in North American wolflike canids, revealed by analysis of microsatellite lociMS Roy, E Geffen, D Smith, EA Ostrander, RK Wayne553
Comparative analysis of multiple protein-sequence alignment methodsMA McClure, TK Vasi, WM Fitch571
Phylogenetic place of guinea pigs: no support of the rodent-polyphyly hypothesis from maximum-likelihood analyses of multiple protein sequencesY Cao, J Adachi, T Yano, M Hasegawa593
Recovering evolutionary trees under a more realistic model of sequence evolutionPJ Lockhart, MA Steel, MD Hendy, D Penny605
Variance and covariances of the numbers of synonymous and nonsynonymous substitutions per siteT Ota, M Nei613
Detecting substitution-rate heterogeneity among regions of a nucleotide sequenceBS Gaut, BS Weir620
The sampling distributions and covariance matrix of phylogenetic spectraPJ Waddell, D Penny, MD Hendy, G Arnold630
Consistent variation in amino-acid substitution rate, despite uniformity of mutation rate: protein evolution in mammals is not neutralS Easteal, C Collet643
Deuterostome phylogeny and the sister group of the chordates: evidence from molecules and morphologyJM Turbeville, JR Schulz, RA Raff648
Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation in the spruce budworm species complex (Choristoneura: Lepidoptera)FA Sperling, DA Hickey656
Polymorphism and divergence at the prune locus in Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulansGM Simmons, W Kwok, P Matulonis, T Venkatesh666
Sequence evolution and phylogenetic signal in control-region and cytochrome b sequences of rainbow fishes (Melanotaeniidae)D Zhu, BG Jamieson, A Hugall, C Moritz672
Sequence variations in small-subunit ribosomal RNAs of Hartmannella vermiformis and their phylogenetic implicationsPH Weekers, RJ Gast, PA Fuerst, TJ Byers684
Mitochondrial phylogeny of the Lamprologini, the major substrate spawning lineage of cichild fishes from Lake Tanganyika in eastern AfricaC Sturmbauer, E Verheyen, A Meyer691
Sequences and evolutionary analysis of mouse 5S rDNAsH Suzuki, K Moriwaki, S Sakurai704
Alpha A-crystallin sequences group tinamou with ratitesGJ Caspers, J Wattel, WW de Jong711

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