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Volume 11, Issue 6, November 1994

Molecular evolution in the gnd locus of Salmonella entericaG Thampapillai, R Lan, PR Reeves813
Evidence for effect of random genetic drift on G+C content after lateral transfer of fucose pathway genes to Escherichia coli K-12K Aoyama, AM Haase, PR Reeves829
Big flies, small repeats: the "Thr-Gly" region of the period gene in DipteraJ Nielsen, AA Peixoto, A Piccin, R Costa, CP Kyriacou839
Molecular evolution at subzero temperatures: mitochondrial and nuclear phylogenies of fishes from Antarctica (suborder Notothenioidei), and the evolution of antifreeze glycopeptidesL Bargelloni, PA Ritchie, T Patarnello, B Battaglia, DM Lambert854
Distribution of the molossinus allele of Sry, the testis-determining gene, in wild miceCM Nagamine, T Shiroishi, N Miyashita, K Tsuchiya, H Ikeda864
Evolution of base composition in the insulin and insulin-like growth factor genesDL Ellsworth, D Hewett-Emmett, WH Li875
Evolution of chicken repeat 1 (CR1) elements: evidence for ancient subfamilies and multiple progenitorsTL Vandergon, M Reitman886
Evolution of the ATP-binding-cassette transmembrane transporters of vertebratesAL Hughes899
Unusual pattern of bacterial ice nucleation gene evolutionAR Edwards, RA Van Den Bussche, HA Wichman, CS Orser911
Molecular adaptation of a leaf-eating bird: stomach lysozyme of the hoatzinJR Kornegay, JW Schilling, AC Wilson921
Phylogenetic position of foraminifera inferred from LSU rRNA gene sequencesJ Pawlowski, I Bolivar, J Guiard-Maffia, M Gouy929
Phylogeny of all major groups of cetaceans based on DNA sequences from three mitochondrial genesMC Milinkovitch, A Meyer, JR Powell939
Phylogenetic inference under the pure drift modelS Xu, WR Atchley, WM Fitch949
A note on Sattath and Tversky's, Saitou and Nei's, and Studier and Keppler's algorithms for inferring phylogenies from evolutionary distancesO Gascuel961
The N-terminal, putative, mitochondrial targeting domain of the mitochondrial genome maintenance protein (MGM1) in yeast is homologous to the bacterial ribonuclease inhibitor, barstarGM Pao, MH Saier964
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution - Munutes of council meeting and business meeting966
Reviewer index969
Author-subject index971

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