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Volume 12, Issue 3, May 1995

Sequence evolution of the porB gene of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Neisseria meningitidis: evidence of positive Darwinian selectionNH Smith, Sm Maynard, BG Spratt363
Chloroplast DNA haplotype variation within and among populations of Coreopsis grandiflora (Asteraceae)RJ Mason-Gamer, KE Holsinger, RK Jansen371
Evolution at the tip and base of the X chromosome in an African population of Drosophila melanogasterDJ Begun, CF Aquadro382
Molecular phylogeny and divergence times of drosophilid speciesCA Russo, N Takezaki, M Nei391
The novel flightless-I gene brings together two gene families, actin- binding proteins related to gelsolin and leucine-rich-repeat proteins involved in Ras signal transductionC Claudianos, HD Campbell405
Comparisons of nuclear-encoded small-subunit ribosomal RNAs reveal the evolutionary position of the GlaucocystophytaD Bhattacharya, T Helmchen, C Bibeau, M Melkonian415
High copy number of highly similar mariner-like transposons in planarian (Platyhelminthe): evidence for a trans-phyla horizontal transferJ Garcia-Fernandez, JR Bayascas-Ramirez, G Marfany, AM Munoz-Marmol, A Casali421
Conservation and dynamics of microsatellite loci over 300 million years of marine turtle evolutionNN FitzSimmons, C Moritz, SS Moore432
The expressed class II alpha-chain genes of the marsupial major histocompatibility complex belong to eutherian mammal gene familiesRW Slade, WE Mayer441
On the use of nucleic acid sequences to infer early branchings in the tree of lifeZ Yang, D Roberts451
Patterns of genetic variability at individual minisatellite loci in minke whale Balaenoptera acutorostrata populations from three different oceansIA van Pijlen, B Amos, T Burke459
Hitchhiking and associative overdominance at a microsatellite locusM Slatkin473
The concerted evolution of 5S ribosomal genes linked to the repeat units of other multigene familiesG Drouin, MM de Sa481
The evolution of polymorphic compatibility moleculesRJ De Boer481
Testing the covarion hypothesis of molecular evolutionMM Miyamoto, WM Fitch503
Evolutionary potential of the ebgA geneBG Hall514
Novel phylogeny of whales revisited but not revisedMC Milinkovitch, G Orti, A Meyer518
A mitochondrial DNA discontinuity in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis Lmk: pleistocene vicariance biogeography and secondary intergradationH Quesada, CM Beynon, DO Skibinski521
Clarification; Errata525

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