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Volume 12, Issue 4, July 1995

By-laws of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolutioniii
Initial mutational steps toward loss of opsin gene function in cavefishS Yokoyama, A Meany, H Wilkens, R Yokoyama527
Evolutionary transfer of ORF-containing group I introns between different subcellular compartments (chloroplast and mitochondrion)M Turmel, V Cote, C Otis, JP Mercier, MW Gray533
Maximum likelihood estimation of the heterogeneity of substitution rate among nucleotide sitesX Gu, YX Fu, WH Li546
Evidence from analyses of intergenic regions for strand-specific directional mutation pressure in metazoan mitochondrial DNALS Jermiin, D Graur, RH Crozier558
Evidence for gene conversion in the amylase multigene family of Drosophila pseudoobscuraA Popadic, WW Anderson564
Molecular phylogenetic evidence that the phylum Haplosporidia has an alveolate ancestryME Siddall, NA Stokes, EM Burreson573
Sequence variation at the major histocompatibility complex locus DQ beta in beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas)BW Murray, S Malik, BN White582
Microsatellite allele frequencies in humans and chimpanzees, with implications for constraints on allele sizeJC Garza, M Slatkin, NB Freimer594
Evolutionary history of the COII/tRNALys intergenic 9 base pair deletion in human mitochondrial DNAs from the PacificAJ Redd, N Takezaki, ST Sherry, ST McGarvey, AS Sofro604
Evolutionary origin of human and primate malarias: evidence from the circumsporozoite protein geneAA Escalante, E Barrio, FJ Ayala616
Mitochondrial DNA sequences and multiple data sets: a phylogenetic study of phytophagous beetles (Chrysomelidae: Ophraella)DJ Funk, DJ Futuyma, G Orti, A Meyer627
Phylogeny of protostome worms derived from 18S rRNA sequencesB Winnepenninckx, T Backeljau, R De Wachter641
A highly conserved nuclear gene for low-level phylogenetics: elongation factor-1 alpha recovers morphology-based tree for heliothine mothsS Cho, A Mitchell, JC Regier, C Mitter, RW Poole650
Phylogenetic analyses of 55 retroelEMents on the basis of the nucleotide and product amino acid sequences of the pol geneMD Li, DL Bronson, TD LEMke, AJ Faras657
The phylogeny of the Hyphochytriomycota as deduced from ribosomal RNA sequences of Hyphochytrium catenoidesG Van der Auwera, R De Baere, Y Van de Peer, P De Rijk, I Van den Broeck, R De Wechter671
Class-level relationships in the phylum Cnidaria: molecular and morphological evidenceD Bridge, CW Cunningham, R DeSalle, LW Buss679
Molecular evolution of mitochondrial 12S RNA and cytochrome b sequences in the pantherine lineage of FelidaeDN Janczewski, WS Modi, JC Stephens, SJ O'Brien690
Convergent evolution of cysteine residues in sperm protamines of one genus of marsupials, the PlanigalesJD Retief, JS Rees, M Westerman, GH Dixon708
A comparison of two methods for constructing evolutionary distances from a weighted contribution of transition and transversion differencesDD Pollock, DB Goldstein713

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