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Volume 12, Issue 6, November 1995

Molecular phylogeny of annexins and identification of a primitive homologue in Giardia lambliaRO Morgan, MP Fernandez967
Gene products of Escherichia coli: sequence comparisons and common ancestriesB Labedan, M Riley980
Among-site rate variation and phylogenetic analysis of 12S rRNA in sigmodontine rodentsJ Sullivan, KE Holsinger, C Simon988
Evolutionary dynamics of the enhancer region of even-skipped in DrosophilaMZ Ludwig, M Kreitman1002
Fitness of a conjugative plasmid and its host bacteria in soil microcosmsKE Duncan, N Ferguson, CA Istock1012
Arbitrarily primed DNA fingerprinting for phylogenetic reconstruction in vertebrates: the Xiphophorus modelRL Borowsky, M McClelland, R Cheng, J Welsh1022
Phylogenetic analysis of cichlid fishes using nuclear DNA markersH Sultmann, WE Mayer, F Figueroa, H Tichy, J Klein1033
Variation in heat shock proteins within tropical and desert species of poeciliid fishesCE Norris, PJ diIorio, RJ Schultz, LE Hightower1048
Phylogenetic analysis of the 90 kD heat shock family of protein sequences and an examination of the relationship among animals, plants, and fungi speciesRS Gupta1063
Size homoplasy and mutational processes of interrupted microsatellites in two bee species, Apis mellifera and Bombus terrestris (Apidae)A Estoup, C Tailliez, JM Cornuet, M Solignac1074
Were population bottlenecks associated with the ratiation of the Mbuna species flock (Teleostei: Cichlidae)P Moran, I Kornfield1085
Evolutionary stability of the R1 retrotransposable elEMent in the genus DrosophilaWC Lathe, WD Burke, DG Eickbush, TH Eickbush1094
Microsatellite evolution in congeneric mammals: domestic and bighorn sheepSH Forbes, JT Hogg, FC Buchanan, AM Crawford, FW Allendorf1106
Mitochondrial DNA sequence evolution in sharks: rates, patterns, and phylogenetic inferencesAP Martin1114
Metabolic rate and directional nucleotide substitution in animal mitochondrial DNAAP Martin1124
18S rRNA data indicate that Aschelminthes are polyphyletic in origin and consist of at least three distinct cladesB Winnepenninckx, T Backeljau, LY Mackey, JM Brooks, R De Wachter, S Kumar, JR Garey1132
Compensatory substitutions and the evolution of the mitochondrial 12S rRNA gene in mammalsMS Springer, LJ Hollar, A Burk1138
Mitochondrial DNA and monocot-dicot divergence timeJ Laroche, P Li, J Bousquet1151
Conservation of stem-loop potential in introns of snake venom phospholipase A2 genes: An application of FORS-D analysisDR Forsdyke1157
An early origin of plastids within the cyanobacterial divergence is suggested by evolutionary trees based on complete 16S rRNA sequencesB Nelissen, Y Van de Peer, A Wilmotte, R De Wachter1166
Reviewer index1175
Author-subject index1177

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