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Volume 13, Issue 3, March 1996

Majority-rule reduced consensus trees and their use in bootstrappingM Wilkinson437
Early origin of foraminifera suggested by SSU rRNA gene sequencesJ Pawlowski, I Bolivar, JF Fahrni, T Cavalier-Smith, M Gouy445
Sequence heterogeneities among 16S ribosomal RNA sequences, and their effect on phylogenetic analyses at the species levelV Cilia, B Lafay, R Christen451
Loculoascomycete origins and evolution of filamentous ascomycete morphology based on 18S rRNA gene sequence dataML Berbee462
Length variation and secondary structure of introns in the Mlc1 gene in six species of DrosophilaAG Clark, BG Leicht, SV Muse471
Evolution of gene families and relationship with organismal evolution: rapid divergence of tissue-specific genes in the early evolution of chordatesN Iwabe, K Kuma, T Miyata483
The impact of population expansion and mutation rate heterogeneity on DNA sequence polymorphismS Aris-Brosou, L Excoffier494
A nonlinear method for estimating nucleotide polymorphism from restriction mapsKA Rice505
Numerous transposed sequences of mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I-II in aphids of the genus Sitobion (Hemiptera: Aphididae)P Sunnucks, DF Hales510
Efficiencies of different genes and different tree-building methods in recovering a known vertebrate phylogenyCA Russo, N Takezaki, M Nei525
Mitochondrial DNA migration events in yeast and humans: integration by a common end-joining mechanism and alternative perspectives on nucleotide substitution patternsJL Blanchard, GW Schmidt537

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