Table of Contents

Volume 13, Issue 6, July 1996

Molecular biology and evolution of resistance of toxicantsM Taylor, R Feyereisen719
Excess amino acid polymorphism in mitochondrial DNA: contrasts among genes from Drosophila, mice, and humansDM Rand, LM Kann735
Relative apparent synapomorphy analysis (RASA). I: The statistical measurement of phylogenetic signalJ Lyons-Weiler, GA Hoelzer, RJ Tausch749
Episodic evolution and rapid divergence of members of the rat multigene family encoding the salivary prohormone-like protein SMR1Y Courty, M Singer, I Rosinski-Chupin, F Rougeon758
Amylase gene structures in primates: retroposon insertions and promoter evolutionLC Samuelson, RS Phillips, LJ Swanberg767
Gene conversion and natural selection in the evolution of X-linked color vision genes in higher primatesYH Zhou, WH Li780
Localization of sequences regulating ancestral and acquired sites of esterase6 activity in Drosophila melanogasterMJ Healy, MM Dumancic, A Cao, JG Oakeshott784
Evolution of the mammalian mitochondrial control region--comparisons of control region sequences between monotreme and therian mammalsNJ Gemmell, PS Western, JM Watson, JA Graves798
Loss of meiosis in AspergillusDM Geiser, WE Timberlake, ML Arnold809
Estimating phylogenies from lacunose distance matrices: Additive is superior to ultrametric estimationP Landry, F Lapointe, JAW Kirsch818
Evidence that two types of 18S rDNA coexist in the genome of Dugesia (Schmidtea) mediterranea (Platyhelminthes, Turbellaria, Tricladida)S Carranza, G Giribet, C Ribera, Baguna, M Riutort824
Recognizing the forest for the trees: testing temporal patterns of cladogenesis using a null model of stochastic diversificationK Wollenberg, J Arnold, JC Avise833
Proliferation of direct repeats near the Oenothera chloroplast DNA origin of replicationBB Sears, LL Stoike, WL Chiu850
Synonymous codon bias is related to gene length in Escherichia coli: selection for translational accuracy?A Eyre-Walker864
Rampant horizontal transfer and duplication of rubisco genes in eubacteria and plastidsCF Delwiche, JD Palmer873
The evolutionary history of the amylase multigene family in Drosophila pseudoobscuraA Popadic, RA Norman, WW Doanet, WW Anderson883
Unequal synonymous substitution rates within and between two protein- coding mitochondrial genesJP Bielawski, JR Gold889

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