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Volume 13, Issue 7, September 1996

Mitochondrial mismatch analysis is insensitive to the mutational processAR Rogers, AE Fraley, MJ Bamshad, WS Watkins, LB Jorde895
Phylogenetic evidence for horizontal transmission of group I introns in the nuclear ribosomal DNA of mushroom-forming fungiDS Hibbett903
Phylogenetic evidence from the IRBP gene for the paraphyly of toothed whales, with mixed support for Cetacea as a suborder of ArtiodactylaMR Smith, MS Shivji, VG Waddell, MJ Stanhope918
Large differences in substitutional pattern and evolutionary rate of 12S ribosomal RNA genesC Simon, L Nigro, J Sullivan, K Holsinger, A Martin923
Phylogenetic performance of mitochondrial protein-coding genes in resolving relationships among vertebratesR Zardoya, A Meyer933
The apportionment of dinucleotide repeat diversity in Native Americans and Europeans: a new approach to measuring gene identity reveals asymmetric patterns of divergenceM Urbanek, D Goldman, JC Long943
Evidence from milk casein genes that cetaceans are close relatives of hippopotamid artiodactylsJ Gatesy, C Hayashi, MA Cronin, P Arctander954
Quartet puzzling: A quartet maximum-likelihood method for reconstructing tree topologiesK Strimmer, A von Haeseler964
Phylogenetic analysis of carbamoylphosphate synthetase genes: complex evolutionary history includes an internal duplication within a gene which can root the tree of lifeFS Lawson, RL Charlebois, JA Dillon970
Nuclear-encoded rDNA group I introns: origin and phylogenetic relationships of insertion site lineages in the green algaeD Bhattacharya, T Friedl, S Damberger978
The divergent domains of the NEFA and nucleobindin proteins are derived from an EF-hand ancestorA Karabinos, D Bhattacharya, C Morys-Wortmann, K Kroll, G Hirschfeld990
On the interpretation of bootstrap trees: Appropriate threshold of clade selection and induced gainV Berry, O Gascuel999
A molecular and evolutionary study of the beta-globin gene family of the Australian marsupial Sminthopsis crassicaudataSJ Cooper, R Murphy, G Dolman, D Hussey, RM Hope1012
Evolution of mammalian X-linked and autosomal Pgk and Pdh E1 alpha subunit genesJ Fitzgerald, HH Dahl, IB Jakobsen, S Easteal1023
Higher ribosomal RNA substitution rates in Bacillariophyceae and Dasycladales than in Mollusca, Echinodermata, and Actinistia-TetrapodaU Sorhannus1032
The amino acid sequences of two alpha chains of hemoglobins from Komodo dragon Varanus komodoensis and phylogenetic relationships of amniotesK Fushitani, K Higashiyama, EN Moriyama, K Imai, K Hosokawa1039
Molecular phylogeny of macaques: implications of nucleotide sequences from an 896-base pair region of mitochondrial DNAK Hayasaka, K Fujii, S Horai1044
Relative rates of nuclear DNA evolution in human and Old World monkey lineagesG Herbert, S Easteal1054

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