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Volume 13, Issue 8, October 1996

Satellite DNA of the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum--comparative study of satellites from the genus TriboliumD Ugarkovic, M Podnar, M Plohl1059
Geographic variation in human mitochondrial DNA control region sequence: the population history of Turkey and its relationship to the European populationsD Comas, F Calafell, E Mateu, A Perez-Lezaun, J Bertranpetit1067
Sea urchin Hox genes: insights into the ancestral Hox clusterE Popodi, JC Kissinger, ME Andrews, RA Raff1078
Character congruence and phylogenetic signal in molecular and morphological data sets: a case study in the living Iguanas (Squamata, Iguanidae)JW Sites, SK Davis, T Guerra, JB Iverson, HL Snell1087
Genetic patterns suggest exponential population growth in a declining speciesS Lavery, C Moritz, DR Fielder1106
Lack of geographic variation in anonymous nuclear polymorphisms in the American oyster, Crassostrea virginicaJH McDonald, BC Verrelli, LB Geyer1114
Evolution of MHC class I loci in marsupials: characterization of sequences from koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)BA Houlden, WD Greville, WB Sherwin1119
Origin of the Mesozoa inferred from 18S rRNA gene sequencesJ Pawlowski, JI Montoya-Burgos, JF Fahrni, J Wuest, L Zaninetti1128
High nucleotide sequence variation in a region of low recombination in Drosophila simulans is consistent with the background selection modelMT Hamblin, CF Aquadro1133
The phytochrome gene family in grasses (Poaceae): a phylogeny and evidence that grasses have a subset of the loci found in dicot angiospermsS Mathews, RA Sharrock1141
Allelic diversity in alligator microsatellite loci is negatively correlated with GC content of flanking sequences and evolutionary conservation of PCR amplifiabilityTC Glenn, W Stephan, HC Dessauer, MJ Braun1151
Simulations show that neither population expansion nor population stationary in a West African population can be rejectedE Eller, HC Harpending1155

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