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Volume 13, Issue 10, December 1996

Alpha-tubulin from early-diverging eukaryotic lineages and the evolution of the tubulin familyPJ Keeling, WF Doolittle1297
Investigation of molluscan phylogeny on the basis of 18S rRNA sequencesB Winnepenninckx, T Backeljau, R De Wachter1306
Low diversity and biased substitution patterns in the mitochondrial DNA control region of sperm whales: implications for estimates of time since common ancestryT Lyrholm, O Leimar, U Gyllensten1318
Tobamovirus evolution: gene overlaps, recombination, and taxonomic implicationsRT Lartey, TC Voss, U Melcher1327
Molecular evolutionary dynamics of cytochrome b in strepsirrhine primates: the phylogenetic significance of third-position transversionsAD Yoder, R Vilgalys, M Ruvolo1339
Internal eliminated sequences interrupting the Oxytricha 81 locus: allelic divergence, conservation, conversions, and possible transposon originsA Seegmiller, KR Williams, RL Hammersmith, TG Doak, D Witherspoon1351
Molecular population genetics of the alcohol dehydrogenase locus in the Hawaiian drosophilid D. mimicaFJ Ayala, CD Campbell, RK Selander1363
Modeling residue usage in aligned protein sequences via maximum likelihoodWJ Bruno1368
Bias-corrected paralinear and LogDet distances and tests of molecular clocks and phylogenies under nonstationary nucleotide frequenciesX Gu, Wh Li1375
Wheat retrotransposon families identified by reverse transcriptase domain analysisY Matsuoka, K Tsunewaki1384
Evolution of eutherian cytochrome c oxidase subunit II: heterogeneous rates of protein evolution and altered interaction with cytochrome cRM Adkins, RL Honeycutt, TR Disotell1393
Population genetics of silent and replacement variation in Drosophila simulans and D. melanogaster: X/autosome differences?DJ Begun1405
Secretary's report1408
Treasurer's report1411
Reviewer index1412
Author-subject index1414

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