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Volume 14, Issue 1, January 1997

Rapid evolution of immunoglobulin superfamily C2 domains expressed in immune system cellsAL Hughes1
Phylogenetic analysis of slippage-like sequence variation in the V4 rRNA expansion segment in tiger beetles (Cicindelidae)AP Vogler, A Welsh, JM Hancock6
Molecular phylogeny of the springhare, Pedetes capensis, based on mitochondrial DNA sequencesCA Matthee, TJ Robinson20
Replication slippage may cause parallel evolution in the secondary structures of mitochondrial transfer RNAsJR Macey, A Larson, NB Ananjeva, TJ Papenfuss30
Evolution of the AT-rich mitochondrial DNA of the root knot nematode, Meloidogyne haplaA Hugall, J Stanton, C Moritz40
Evolution of the Sry genesP Pamilo, RJ O'Neill49
Molecular phylogeny of extant gymnosperms and seed plant evolution: analysis of nuclear 18S rRNA sequencesSM Chaw, A Zharkikh, HM Sung, TC Lau, WH Li56
Phylogenetic analysis of a retrotransposon with implications for strong evolutionary constraints on reverse transcriptaseBF McAllister, JH Werren69
Persistent nuclear ribosomal DNA sequence polymorphism in the Amelanchier agamic complex (Rosaceae)CS Campbell, MF Wojciechowski, BG Baldwin, LA Alice, MJ Donoghue81
Two novel gene orders and the role of light-strand replication in rearrangement of the vertebrate mitochondrial genomeJR Macey, A Larson, NB Ananjeva, Z Fang, TJ Papenfuss91
How often do wrong models produce better phylogenies?Z Yang105
The evolution of strand-specific compositional bias. A case study in the Hymenopteran mitochondrial 16S rRNA geneM Dowton, AD Austin109
Parallel molecular evolution of deletions and nonsense mutations in bacteriophage T7CW Cunningham, K Jeng, J Husti, M Badgett, IJ Molineux113

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