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Volume 14, Issue 3, March 1997

Phylogenetic inference: how much evolutionary history is knowable?JA Lake213
Evolution of microsatellites in Arabis petraea and Arabis lyrata, outcrossing relatives of Arabidopsis thalianaTr van, H Kuittinen, K Karkkainen, E Baena-Gonzalez, O Savolainen220
Complex evolution of a salmonid microsatellite locus and its consequences in inferring allelic divergence from size informationB Angers, L Bernatchez230
A likelihood method for the detection of selection and recombination using nucleotide sequencesNC Grassly, EC Holmes239
Molecular phylogeny of the hominoids: inferences from multiple independent DNA sequence data setsM Ruvolo248
cDNA cloning of a developmentally regulated hemocyanin subunit in the crustacean Cancer magister and phylogenetic analysis of the hemocyanin gene familyG Durstewitz, NB Terwilliger266
Rates of nuclear and cytoplasmic mitochondrial DNA sequence divergence in mammalsJV Lopez, M Culver, JC Stephens, WE Johnson, SJ O'Brien277
Evolutionary distances between nucleotide sequences based on the distribution of substitution rates among sites as estimated by parsimonyNJ Tourasse, M Gouy287
Comparative analysis of Pax-6 sequence and expression in the eye development of the blind cave fish Astyanax fasciatus and its epigean conspecificM Behrens, TG Langecker, H Wilkens, H Schmale299
Molecular phylogenetics at the population/species interface in cave spiders of the southern Appalachians (Araneae:Nesticidae:Nesticus)MC Hedin309
DNA hybridization evidence for the principal lineages of hummingbirds (Aves:Trochilidae)R Bleiweiss, JA Kirsch, JC Matheus325
Accelerated evolution of sites undergoing mRNA editing in plant mitochondria and chloroplastsDC Shields, KH Wolfe344
Low levels of sequence divergence in rock wallabies (Petrogale) suggest a lack of positive directional selection in SRYRJ O'Neill, MD Eldridge, RH Crozier, JA Graves350

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