Table of Contents

Volume 14, Issue 6, June 1997

Molecular evolution of cytochrome c oxidase: rate variation among subunit VIa isoformsTR Schmidt, SA Jaradat, M Goodman, MI Lomax, LI Grossman595
A retrotransposon of the non-long terminal repeat class from the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni. Similarities to the chicken-repeat-1- like elements of vertebratesAC Drew, PJ Brindley602
Color vision of ancestral organisms of higher primatesM Nei, J Zhang, S Yokoyama611
A molecular phylogeny of the bivalve mollusksSL Adamkewicz, MG Harasewych, J Blake, D Saudek, CJ Bult619
Evolutionary relationships of sibling tapeworm species (Cestoda) parasitizing teleost fishesO Verneau, F Renaud, F Catzeflis630
Codon bias and plasticity in immunoglobulinsTB Kepler637
An episodic change of rDNA nucleotide substitution rate has occurred during the emergence of the insect order DipteraM Friedrich, D Tautz644
Rapid evolution in a conserved gene family. Evolution of the actin gene family in the sea urchin genus Heliocidaris and related generaJC Kissinger, JH Hahn, RA Raff654
Nucleotide polymorphism in colicin E2 gene clusters: evidence for nonneutral evolutionY Tan, MA Riley666
Marmoset phylogenetics, conservation perspectives, and evolution of the mtDNA control regionCH Tagliaro, MP Schneider, H Schneider, IC Sampaio, MJ Stanhope674

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