Table of Contents

Volume 14, Issue 7, July 1997

BIONJ: an improved version of the NJ algorithm based on a simple model of sequence dataO Gascuel685
Selection on the protein-coding genes of the TBE1 family of transposable elements in the ciliates Oxytricha fallax and O. trifallaxDJ Witherspoon, TG Doak, KR Williams, A Seegmiller, J Seger696
Comparative nuclear and mitochondrial genome diversity in humans and chimpanzeesCA Wise, M Sraml, DC Rubinsztein, S Easteal707
Bayesian phylogenetic inference using DNA sequences: a Markov Chain Monte Carlo MethodZ Yang, B Rannala717
Nonrandom location of IS1 elements in the genomes of natural isolates of Escherichia coliEF Boyd, DL Hartl725
Can three incongruence tests predict when data should be combined?CW Cunningham733
Interspecific and intraspecific comparisons of the period locus in the Drosophila willistoni sibling speciesJM Gleason, JR Powell741
The mtDNA sequence of the ostrich and the divergence between paleognathous and neognathous birdsA Harlid, A Janke, U Arnason754
Phylogenetic analyses of mitochondrial DNA suggest a sister group relationship between Xenarthra (Edentata) and FerungulatesU Arnason, A Gullberg, A Janke762
Comparisons of the molecular evolutionary process at rbcL and ndhF in the grass family (Poaceae)BS Gaut, LG Clark, JF Wendel, SV Muse769

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