Table of Contents

Volume 14, Issue 9, September 1997

Widespread and ancient distribution of a noncanonical genetic code in diplomonadsPJ Keeling, WF Doolittle895
Molecular phylogeny of the major arthropod groups indicates polyphyly of crustaceans and a new hypothesis for the origin of hexapodsJC Regier, JW Shultz902
Mutation accumulation in nuclear, organelle, and prokaryotic transfer RNA genesM Lynch914
Biased mutations and microsatellite variationLA Zhivotovsky, MW Feldman, SA Grishechkin926
Evolution of SINE S1 retroposons in Cruciferae plant speciesA Lenoir, B Cournoyer, S Warwick, G Picard, JM Deragon934
Molecular evolution of the Amy multigenes in the subgenus Sophophora of DrosophilaN Inomata, H Tachida, T Yamazaki942
Phylogenetic relationships among prokaryotic and eukaryotic catalasesMG Klotz, GR Klassen, PC Loewen951
Phylogenetic evidence for role-reversals of gender-associated mitochondrial DNA in Mytilus (Bivalvia: Mytilidae)WR Hoeh, DT Stewart, C Saavedra, BW Sutherland, E Zouros959
A phylogenetic approach to the problem of differential lineage sortingJ Lyons-Weiler, MC Milinkovitch968
The geographic apportionment of mitochondrial genetic diversity in east African chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes schweinfurthiiTL Goldberg, M Ruvolo976

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