Table of Contents

Volume 14, Issue 10, October 1997

The evolution of small gene clusters: evidence for an independent origin of the maltase gene cluster in Drosophila virilis and Drosophila melanogasterCP Vieira, J Vieira, DL Hartl985
Evolution of alcohol dehydrogenase genes in peonies (Paeonia): phylogenetic relationships of putative nonhybrid speciesT Sang, MJ Donoghue, D Zhang994
Relationships among msx gene structure and function in zebrafish and other vertebratesM Ekker, MA Akimenko, ML Allende, R Smith, G Drouin1008
Microsatellite variation and evolution in the Mimulus guttatus species complex with contrasting mating systemsP Awadalla, K Ritland1023
Sequence convergence in the peptide-binding region of primate and rodent MHC class Ib moleculesM Yeager, S Kumar, AL Hughes1035
Nucleotide compositional constraints on genomes generate alanine-, glycine-, and proline-rich structures in transcription factorsY Nakachi, T Hayakawa, H Oota, K Sumiyama, L Wang1042
Low-molecular-weight heat shock proteins in a desert fish (Poeciliopsis lucida): homologs of human Hsp27 and Xenopus Hsp30CE Norris, MA Brown, E Hickey, LA Weber, LE Hightower1050
A comparative study of duplications in bacteria and eukaryotes: the importance of telomeresE Coissac, E Maillier, P Netter1062
Ancient DNA from amber fossil bees?KK Walden, HM Robertson1075
Efficiencies of different statistical tests in supporting a known vertebrate phylogenyCA Russo1078

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