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Volume 14, Issue 12, December 1997

Evolutionary dynamics of tandem repeats in the mitochondrial DNA control region of the minnow Cyprinella spilopteraRE Broughton, TE Dowling1187
The Bag320 satellite DNA family in Bacillus stick insects (Phasmatodea): different rates of molecular evolution of highly repetitive DNA in bisexual and parthenogenic taxaB Mantovani, F Tinti, L Bachmann, V Scali1197
Determination of the entire sequence of turtle CR1: the first open reading frame of the turtle CR1 element encodes a protein with a novel zinc finger motifM Kajikawa, K Ohshima, N Okada1206
A nonparametric approach to estimating divergence times in the absence of rate constancyMJ Sanderson1218
A single lineage of r2 retrotransposable elements is an active, evolutionarily stable component of the Drosophila rDNA locusWC Lathe, TH Eickbush1232
Phylogenetic analyses of the rbcL sequences from haptophytes and heterokont algae suggest their chloroplasts are unrelatedN Daugbjerg, RA Andersen1242
Rates of DNA sequence evolution are not sex-biased in Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulansVL Bauer, CF Aquadro1252
Multiregional introgressions inferred from the mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of a hybridizing species complex of gobiid fishes, genus TridentigerT Mukai, K Naruse, T Sato, A Shima, M Morisawa1258
The complete mitochondrial genome of Alligator mississippiensis and the separation between recent archosauria (birds and crocodiles)A Janke, U Arnason1266
Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) gene duplication during chordate evolution: the cDNA sequence of the LDH of the tunicate Styela plicataDW Stock, JM Quattro, GS Whitt, DA Powers1273
Intragenic duplication and divergence in the spectrin superfamily of proteinsGH Thomas, EC Newbern, CC Korte, MA Bales, SV Muse1285
Majority-rule consensus of phylogenetic trees obtained by maximum-likelihood analysisLS Jermiin, GJ Olsen, KL Mengersen, S Easteal1296
Nucleotide polymorphism in the acidic chitinase locus (ChiA) region of the wild plant Arabidopsis thalianaA Kawabe, H Innan, R Terauchi, NT Miyashita1303
Characterization and molecular analysis of Adh retrosequences in species of the Drosophila obscura groupT Luque, G Marfany, R Gonzalez-Duarte1316
Early evolution of metazoan serine/threonine and tyrosine kinases: identification of selected kinases in marine spongesM Kruse, IM Muller, WE Muller1326
Small-sample tests of episodic adaptive evolution: a case study of primate lysozymesJ Zhang, S Kumar, M Nei1335
Editor's annual report1339
Secretary's report1341
Treasurer's report1344
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